About RT

RT Photography is a combination of Remco (me) and Tazi (my wife).

Tazi, better knowm as Tazi Brown,  shares her photos on Instagram and Facebook as @ByTazi and Remco shares his work on Instagram and Facebook as @RRWanimalPhotography.

We share our passion for animals and photography. We love taking animal portraits and have a slight preference for big cats and primates, but we enjoy every animal we get in front of our camera. Due to my wife's brain injury, photographing has become very hard but she does sometimes try it, because it is her passion. Photo editing is pretty much impossible, so I decided to (re)edit her eatlier work, from before the accident so she can still post them on her socials.

Photography used to be a way for us to relax and clear our heads while observing gorgeous creatures. Eventhough it is hard for my wife now, to me seeing that smile on her face when she sees her favoriete animals is worth all the effort.

We hope you will enjoy our work. :)

Tazi proudly shows her photograph of a baby gorilla that was published in the WWF book "Wereld Natuur" in 2016.

Remco's most precious image got published in various British and French (online) newspapers in 2018.